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Discover How to Generate Real Estate Leads with SEO

real-estate-seo-expertsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a science and can be a complicated subject.

However, these 7 simple tips will help you to improve in the search results very quickly.

This first series of tips are centred around keyword research.


Tip One – Optimise Your Blog Posts

If you are sending out regular blog posts then congratulations! If not, then you need to start doing this as it helps in all sorts of ways.

When you write your next blog post make sure that you include keywords that are commonly used in your business sector. This will help to get your blog posts noticed and also start ranking your website better for these terms.

No need to overdo it, just add one or two into each blog post where relevant.


Tip Two – Long Tail Keywords

If you have a new website or have a low authority website you will find it tougher to rank for the more competitive keywords at first.

Instead, think about the longer tail terms.

For example – “we buy houses

Add your area for starters – so “we buy houses Los Angeles” or “we buy houses Santa Monica“.

If you can rank for lots of longer tail terms this will bring in very targeted leads quickly whilst you build up the authority of your website.


real-estate=seoTip Three – Competitor Keywords

This is a great one. You can find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for from this tool –

You can get a 7-day plan for $7 which is enough time for you to look at your competitor’s keywords and make a list of them.

If you can rank for the same keywords as your competition and also add the long tail ones from tip two then you keep ahead of them and get more deals coming to your website!


Tip Four – Put Similar Keywords Together

Google is improving the search algorithm daily and a consequence of this means that it can “understand” relationships between keywords and rank you higher if you do this extra work.

For example, the words “house” and “home” are very similar so you can use these on the same web page to get extra traction.

We buy houses
We purchase homes
Sell your house fast
Sell your home in 7 days

……are all very similar terms so using these on the same page not only helps to rank the main keyword but you also get the extra terms to rank as well!


Tip Five – Use Keywords With Commercial Intent

house-409451_640If you look up the search term homes for sale you will see that it has a lot of search volume so you may think it would be useful to rank for this term.

However, there isn’t a targeted commercial intent behind this search.

You have to try and get into the mind of your prospective seller and think what they would type into Google in order to find you.

Keyword phrases such as:

how can I sell my house fast
sell my house quickly

companies who buy houses

….all have commercial intent so would definitely get targeted traffic to your website. It is up to you then to do a good selling job and seal the deal.

If you then target this in even more with your own area then you are on to a real winner:

how can I sell my house fast in Chicago
sell my Santa Monica home fast
companies who buy houses in Washington DC

You may not get thousand of searches per month from these phrases but rank for a lot of these type of keywords and you will generate a lot of hot leads who are looking out for you to help them.


Tip Six – Use Google to Find Better Keywords

Yes! – Google can be your friend!we buy houses

If you type “we buy houses” into Google, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You will see that Google have suggested other keyword searches that may be helpful.

So if you add these new keywords into your website copy then you will also start to rank for these terms as well.

Make a list of all of these keywords in a spreadsheet so that you can group them together (as Tip Four) and get your writers to use these within each page or blog post as they write them.

The more times you do this the better you will rank and the more keywords you will rank for.

Also, drill down into these new keywords to find other ones…

For example “we buy houses for cash” gives you these extra terms…

we buy houses for cashSo you can soon build up a superb targeted keyword file to use over and over again.


Tip Seven – Use One Main Keyword Per Page

Choose a competitive keyword for each page and make sure that you do not use that keyword on any other page.

This is to stop you competing with yourself for the keyword!

As mentioned before you can still rank for other keywords on that page as long as they are related. Let’s say for example that you decide to write a page all about the keyword “sell my house fast

The main keyword then is “sell my house fast

Use your local area  – Atlanta

Add other words such as “in 7 days

Use Google as described before:

sell my house fast

So now for one page we have these keywords to use:

sell my house fast
sell my house fast Atlanta
sell my house fast in Atlanta
sell my house in 7 days
sell my Atlanta house in 7 days
sell my house now
sell my house fast for cash

….you get the idea!!

So as you can see if you really do look into the keyword aspect of SEO you can soon start to rank for multiple terms just on your website.

If you want to know more about how SEO can help you to drive many more leads to your website then watch our real estate SEO video here.

Real Estate Leads Drying Up? Read This…

real estate seoEvery business needs cash-flow. Without cash-flow a business will die.

Your cash-flow will come from two sources – buying houses from desperate sellers and selling the rehabs on to investors.

But…what happens when you run out of leads?

I am sure you have already noticed but we do all of our research online nowadays. My wife checks everything from buying a book to booking overseas holidays – on Google!

So your first prospects, those desperate house sellers, will obviously do the same.

Put yourself in their position for a moment:

You just got the dreaded redundancy notice from work. You are up to your eyeballs in debt and the only way out is to sell your house quickly and rent somewhere until you find a new job and get your finances in order.

Not a nice position to be in but someone needs to help them.

The first thing our prospect does is go to Google and type in “need to sell my house fast”. He will then click on the first few links that come up from the search. He is not concerned with trawling the first 10 pages in Google to find YOUR website…no, he doesn’t have time nor patience for that! He will click on the FIRST website that offers him a solution and guess what….

….if that’s not lose the deal.

And yes, those big, national realty names are going to get the business BEFORE you (even though they will do a terrible job at helping these poor souls)…

…BUT WHY? Why will the big dogs get the bone??

Simple….because their website was the FIRST ONE on Google.

Look , the key word “need to sell my house fast” gets 390 searches a month. That’s 390 people looking for the exact same service YOU offer…

Did you get 390 new leads this month…or even this year?

NO, I didn’t think so….but why not?

Because your website is sitting pretty on page 4 of Google….and NOT ONE of those 390 people know you exist.

If this continues then your competition will keep taking more market share and eventually you will have to survive on the walk ins.

What will that mean to you and your business?

Some of the biggest names failed to react to the online revolution for sales – HMV, Woolworths to name just two and look what happened to them.

The only way you can be seen is by working with us to get your website rocking that top spot. In fact, we work with real estate business owners all over the US and provide them with regular leads from our online strategies.

In simple terms we place your business on the top spot in Google which funnels new clients into your wallet.

We can help you to get your website to the top for this search and many others so that you never need to worry again.

Want a FREE website audit ($97 value)?

Simply complete this 30 second survey and we will send you a website audit to your inbox.

Don’t let the competition take all of those leads when you can dominate in your area!

SEO Tips For 2017 – #1 – Mobile Friendly

You probably already know that a huge proportion of Google searches (68%) are now conducted via mobile devices so it makes sense to have your site as mobile friendly as possible.

Here is a tool to test if your website is up to scratch:

Simply enter your website URL and press enter.

If you don’t get this result then you need to take action to fix it before your competitors steal a jump on you in the search results!

google mobile test amp pagesGoogle have taken this a step further – they have introduced what they call AMP pages – Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google are trying to help out here by providing AMP pages which are a lighter, faster version of your own web pages.

These rank quickly in mobile and are even starting to show up in the organic desktop results.

…..but more about AMP next time!

As always, if you need any help – give us a shout!