Motivated Seller Leads – How SEO Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Experience Exponential Growth In Motivated Seller Leads


Does your real estate agency have a website?

Does it see a fair amount of traffic?

If your website isn’t performing as well as you’d like, our qualified team of real estate SEO experts can help you achieve your goals for growth in no time.

We’ll help turn your standard agency website into a lead-generating machine.


What is SEO?

The Internet has made it easier for buyers to research and purchase online. It allows businesses from all industries an affordable, convenient way to market their services and products to a broad audience.

The real estate industry is no different. 86 per cent of home buyers believe that real estate websites provide them with useful information when shopping for a new home or trying to sell their existing one.

This has driven most real estate companies to establish an online presence to reach buyers. As a result, search engine rankings for common real estate terms are often very competitive. This is especially so in the motivated seller market – ‘We Buy Houses’ & ‘Sell My House Fast’

When buyers make an online search to find potential properties or a real estate company to assist them, they tend to click on the first few search results that come up—ranking first instead of, say, fifth even can make a huge difference in traffic. Ranking on the 2nd page of Google is almost pointless!!

The higher ranked a website is, the more traffic it gets – this should lead to a higher number of motivated seller leads that others lower on the page.

How do you get your website to rank well then?

Through search engine optimization (SEO), of course.

SEO is the backbone of your real estate website.

Without proper optimization, your website may fall in rank which means less traffic. Real Estate SEO Experts can help ensure your website reaches the top and stays there so that you get the traffic you need for exponential growth.




How Does SEO Work?

Search engines, specifically Google, have a unique ranking system that uses an algorithm to score websites. A ranking is based on that score — the higher the score, the higher the ranking.

While nobody knows the exact algorithm that Google uses, it’s believed scores are based on the following aspects:

• Quality of the website including both design and content

• The number of websites linking to the website

• The trust score of the website

• The uniqueness of the website and its offerings

• And more…


SEO aims to increase your score on each of these ranking metrics. Some aspects have more weight than others, such as uniqueness, quality, authority, and trustworthiness.

Real Estate SEO Experts (RESE) know the market and know exactly which strategy can help your business rise to the top of search engines. From link building to improving website content for optimization, your website will be overhauled for better performance. Better performance should then lead to more seller leads.


Real Estate SEO Experts – Who Are We?

We are passionate about helping realtors achieve the goals they have set out for their online business.

Our team headed by Keith Dean and Nigel Griffiths has decades of experience in online marketing helping numerous real estate businesses reach the top of their market. They have specialized in the very competitive ‘We Buy Houses’ & ‘Motivated Seller Leads’ market where we will only deal with 1 client per area (some States in terms of size give rise to more than 1 area – e.g. Texas).

Real Estate SEO Experts is an offshoot of Pearlydean Marketing, a company that has helped realtors, predominantly in the USA, reach unexpected heights.

We employ strategies that will benefit your business in three main ways:


Improve Search Engine Ranking For Motivated Keywords

We can guarantee that with our service your real estate business will rank higher than your competition over time. We first analyze the services offered by your website and then optimize it for search engines accordingly – e.g. those motivated to sell their houses quickly.

With a bit of research, we figure out exactly what is required for your business to rank higher than the competition, and we employ strategies to do just that.


More Relevant Website Traffic  = More Leads

As your website makes its way to the top of the search engines, it will experience an influx of traffic. We focus on SEO strategies that bring local Relevant Website Traffictraffic to your website, so that traffic is relevant, and there are more chances of a sale.

You must get relevant traffic.

The last thing you want is someone looking for property in New York to come to your website while you have properties in California. Or if someone wants to sell their Portland house fast and companies that buy San Antonio houses appear.

A Long-Term Strategy

Search engines can be tricky, but our team knows the latest and upcoming trends to ensure that our clients have an optimization strategy not just now, but for years to come.

Our strategies are organic which means there is no need to pay for ads to remain on top. We research the perfect keywords to work for rank in, then help you hold those ranks in the long-term.

SEO is for the long haul – we have been around long enough to know that ‘short-cuts’ or ‘black-hat’ or even ‘grey-hat’ SEO tactics may work for a short amount of time but Google will find them & your rankings (& sometimes your whole domain) will be punished.


SEO Basics for Real Estate – Getting More Leads

We have some basic insights into SEO that all real estate professionals should consider.

These tips and tactics will help you develop a better understanding of SEO and how it works. We have many blog posts on this website that divulge powerful SEO real estate tactics!



1. Target Local SEO With Local Keywords

The first thing home buyers search for online is local realtors. For example, someone looking to buy a home in San Diego may search, “San Diego realtor” or “San Diego real estate companies.”

Your business may cater to numerous cities, and that’s fine.

However, to start, you may want to focus on the city you are based in and build from that.

In the beginning, you want to figure out what popular keywords for your market area. In real estate the following keywords tend to have the most hits:

• Realtor

• Real Estate

• Homes For Sale | Sell House Fast | Cash For House

• Real Estate Agent | We Buy Houses Co’s | Professional Housebuyers


You want to focus on keywords that either has the city you are based in before the keyword or directly after it.

So instead of just “realtor,” the keyword would be “(city name) realtor” or “realtor in (city name).”

These targeted keywords would be integrated throughout your website, just don’t go overboard.

Search engines do give a negative score for content that doesn’t make sense or uses a keyword too often.

It’s important to find a balance between writing for search engines and writing for visitors. Make sure the content makes sense and is informative, so the quality of your website improves.


2. Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to build links. It helps you integrate both internal (your website) links and external (authoritative website) links. You can’t just write a blog about anything, make sure topics covered are relevant to a real estate business, and the external links you use are from reliable sources.

One sure way to sell more homes is to write blogs about them. If you have key listings or motivated seller leads that you are keen to sell, then you can have featured blogs on them.

This will help you attract the traffic of buyers that are looking for homes in a specific area. All thanks to the address mentioned in the blog post.

When you blog, you need to make sure you use optimal SEO practices. This means you need to include researched keywords in the meta description, title tag, and the content.

Confused about what the keyword should be? Use the area of the home as the keyword.

The content shouldn’t be excessively long, 200 to 300 words are sufficient. You want more than just the listing information. For instance, you can talk a bit about the home and highlight what it has to offer to buyers. Perhaps include a walk-through video.


3. Mobile Optimization Is Important

More and more users are accessing the Internet on their mobile devices, be it a tablet or smartphone. A report by Digital House Hunt concluded that up to 89 per cent of home shoppers use their mobile devices at one time or another during their research process.

You need to make sure that your website is easily accessible and readable for mobile users. Some search engines also now factor mobile usability into search engine rankings.

A responsive website resizes on its own, adapting to the screen of the device. Certain elements, such as sidebar content, may also be removed or rearranged to allow for better user experience.


4. Establish a Presence on Social Media

There are numerous ways social media can help with SEO. To start, Google gives a higher quality score to websites that integrate social media pages.

Social media also presents you with a chance to build high-quality links. Be it from influencer marketing or posts on your own social media pages. Social media presents an easy avenue for link building.


5. Enhance User Experience

A search engine’s main job is to provide searchers with websites that give users the best results. An important aspect of that is user experience.

Google pays close attention to how searchers act on a website once they have access to it. If searchers find it hard to navigate and end up leaving the site, this can harm the site’s ranking.

There are different aspects of a website Google uses to determine user experience, some of which are:

• Website load time: the faster, the better

• Easy of navigation: users can find what they are looking for easily

• Uncomplicated designs: clean and simple designs are the way to go, don’t over complicate your website

• Ads: having too many ads ruins the user experience


RE SEO – Getting You More Motivated Seller Leads

Our SEO agency’s approach to ensuring you reach the top of search engines is one of a kind.

It all starts at:

motivated seller leads in real estateA Digital Analysis Of The Market

With this approach, an analysis of the current scope of the digital market is performed which shows exactly who is on top of search engines for your desired terms now.

This analysis enables our team to compare your website to the competition and determine where you stand in terms of how many motivated seller leads you are receiving compared to your competitors.

This analysis will also enable our team to determine which keyword from general to local are the top-traffic driving in your particular market.

A thorough study of the top three competitors will also be done to get an insight into the content employed along with SEO techniques so a plan can be devised accordingly to surpass them on search engines.


An Audit Of Your Website

Once we know what is in the market, we begin auditing your website. This audit lets us see how your site is currently mapped and the condition of your content.

It also helps us determine what your website lacks when stacked up against the competition.

When our audit is completed, we merge our findings from the digital analysis and the audit. We then devise an SEO plan based on the goals that were initially discussed with you.


SEO Tracking

Before we start working on the SEO aspect of your website, we need to make sure that the website is to track the progress of the techniques we employ.

An analytics system will be set up that will do just that. This system will give detailed reports to measuring how SEO has impacted your website.


Start With The Basics First

While content is key for SEO, we start with getting the basics out of the way— user experience. We analyze the coding of your website and make sure it is up to the best standards of SEO.Best Search Engine Optimization

Then we put our focus on making the website as fast as possible while also making sure it is responsive to mobile devices.

In this process, we also evaluate your design and see if your website lacks elements such as a contact form and links, then add them accordingly.

Focusing on user experience, we make sure your website provides the user with the ability to easily get the information they want fluidly.


Work On Better Content

Once the basics are covered, we move on to creating content to revamp what you currently have. Keeping the targeted keywords in mind and local SEO tactics, your content is improved. Attracting motivated seller leads through engaging content that they find useful & can use.

Content is not just about SEO.

It should be informative for visitors. A blog will be integrated which will constantly be updated with information for visitors related to real estate and your listings. This will also present a way to build links and get more authoritative links on your website.


Tracking The Campaign

Throughout your campaign, we continue to monitor the progress of your website and the competition. From keyword rankings to how many seller leads are generated since the campaign started, we must stay on top of everything.

This helps us ensure that the campaign runs smoothly, and your website stays ahead of the competition.

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