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10 of the Best Real Estate Blog Ideas to Attract Leads to Your Website

real estate blog ideasBest Real Estate Blog Ideas – Our Top 10

A blog is an effective way to draw customers to your website but what should you write about? Here are some top real estate blog ideas that work every time.

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In the year 2018, some 5.5 million+ houses have sold thus far, the most since 2013.

What does that mean for you?

It means that if you’re in the business of buying or selling homes, the market is rife with opportunity so long as you know how to market yourself properly.

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to go about doing that… is by having an excellent real estate blog!

Blogs enable you to share your expertise with home sellers and buyers alike. The more you write, the higher chances you have of surfacing high on Google which creates more leads for your business.

All you need to get your blog off the ground are a few great ideas on what to write about. Below, our team has compiled a list of 10 real estate blog ideas that consumers will gravitate towards.


1. Comment on Interesting Data

When we opened this article talking about the 5.5 million houses that have sold in 2018, we didn’t do that on a whim.

We did that because interesting statistics surrounding the housing market are popular amongst people who are interested in real estate articles.

Our advice to you if you’re looking for real estate blog ideas to spin into blog topics is to find statistics like the one we shared with you and comment on them.

Readers love to see impressive facts and figures and then get a little context into why they are what they are.


2. Share Local Activities

If you’re focusing in on a particular area as a real estate buyer or seller, one of the best ways to get traffic from internet users who have an affinity for your target location it to blog about activities.

If there’s a kid’s fair going on next week in the city you do business in, write about it. If there’s a food festival going on, write about that too.

The more community-focused web traffic you can get, the better chances you have of grabbing excellent leads.


3. Be Millennial Focused

Millennials are making up the majority of home buyers right now given the fact that they’re just coming into themselves as young professionals. They also make up the majority of blog readers.

Keep that in mind and ensure that the voice you use on your blog is something they’d appreciate. If your real estate blog ideas skew too old then you’ll alienate a massive amount of your market.


4. Guest Post

If you want to really expand your real estate blog’s reach, consider sharing your expertise on other real estate publications.

For example, if you’re a fix and flipper, you could share 5 tips on how to do what you do successfully on another popular blog.

Doing so would enable you to promote your blog and services to a completely new audience.

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5. Talk About Breaking News in Your Area

Anything of note that happens in your neighbourhood is worth discussing on your blog. It doesn’t necessarily have to be activities like we talked about in point 2.

If a new mayor is coming into power, write about it. If a local high school was just denoted as a distinguished school, talk about that.

Anything that’s of local interest is fair game!


6. Write Entertainment Guides

Is there a lot of fun to be had in your area? If so, talk about what you recommend people do when visiting (or while living in the neighbourhood).

You can review bars, restaurants and movie theatres. You can even put together weekend outing itineraries!


7. Talk About Mortgages

Most home buyers and sellers are going to need to know about mortgages at some point. Because of that, discussing mortgage rates, information, and tips are among the best real estate blog ideas.

Some ideas in this wheelhouse could include talking about the implications of interest rate changes, comparing and contrasting ARM and fixed mortgages, describing what FHA loans are and more!


8. Answer Popular Real Estate Questions

There are thousands of people who search for things like:

“Should I buy a new or used home?”

“How much should I budget for home maintenance?”

“How can I sell my house fast”

….etc. every month.

Shedding light on any one of those questions makes for great real estate blog ideas.


9. Create Compelling Listicles

People love to read listicles.

Listicles are articles that tend to go something like, “The 9 Best Restaurants in Downey” or “7 of the Fastest Ways to Sell Your House”.

Come up with some fun list-based topic ideas relevant to your audience and you’ll be surprised by how much traffic you get!


10. Talk About Pet-Centric Things

There are 163 million dog and cat owners in the United States. That’s about half the population.

Knowing that it’s easy to see how talking about “The Best Vets”, “Where Pet-Friendly Events Are”, “Restaurants that Allow Dogs”, etc. could get you leads.

So tap into your inner animal lover and start sharing pet owner interest pieces!


Wrapping Up Real Estate Blog Ideas

If you’re looking to get traffic on your real estate blog and consequently, skyrocket your client leads, it’s important that you lean on the right real estate blog ideas.

We recommend trying any combination of the suggestions we’ve listed above to get your blog rolling.

You’ll find that each of our shared ideas has immense potential in the way of attracting long-tail traffic that is highly invested in your local market!

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