Google Updates – Penguin, Possum and possibly Panda

penguin-23331_640It  looks as though Google have decided to shake things up before the quarterly results with 3 major updates.

The parent company of Google – Alphabet Inc publish their 3rd Quarter results up to and including September 2016. It is maybe a coincidence that they release search results updates the month before but we cynically believe this is to scare business owners into investing a lot more into Google Adwords whilst the search results settle down.

This recent post on a well known SEO blog explains all about Penguin 4.0 which affects links to your website:

Google updates Penguin, says it now runs in real time within the core search algorithm

and this post on shows that the search results are in dramatic turbulence:

So what can you do about it if your website suddenly drops for your major keywords?

The first thing to do is stay calm and don’t panic. If you make some bad decisions then Google are waiting for you. If you suddenly recruit someone to build thousands of links for you in the vain hope that you will recover you will just make things worse.

The best thing to do is wait it out for a couple of weeks and when the search results have settled down then you can start analysing your links to ensure that you ask Google to remove the worst ones.

If you don’t know how to do this then please get in touch as we have some excellent tools that show the quality of links and have a proven process to get the poor quality ones removed for you.



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