Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Episode 42: Mastering Search Engine Optimization, with Keith Dean

We were featured on the legendary Brad Chandler podcast recently discussing how SEO works in the Real Estate Market. Express Home Buyers has been one of our clients for over 4 years now and Brad has been helpful in building our business.

Watch the episode here:

Keith Dean is a joint founder of Pearlydean Marketing with his business partner Nigel Griffiths. They help many real estate businesses rank high in Google using expert SEO techniques that result in an excellent ROI.

What you’ll learn about this episode:

  • Three magic techniques to get your site ranking on the first page of Google using Google My Business
  • How to get a free website audit and strategy call with the premier SEO expert for real estate investors
  • The one thing you should run from when you hear an SEO company say it
  • The actual time it takes to get your site on page one of Google
  • Why SEO is important for real estate investors
  • Determining SEO keywords by getting into people’s heads
  • Two different areas of SEO
  • Mistakes to avoid when setting up and tending to your website
  • How to get your website ranked off page
  • Why it’s extremely important to be optimized on mobile
  • Why you need to determine whether you want to invest your time or your money in SEO
  • Why SEO is something you probably shouldn’t try to do on your own
  • What makes Keith’s company different from other SEO companies
  • How long it takes to get onto the first page of Google and stay there (and how to do it the right way)
  • Extra things to propel you to the top that you can learn in Keith’s course
  • Incorporating this information onto your site with our without a virtual assistant
  • Is it worth it to rank on sites other than Google?
  • The three platforms you need to rank on to reach 98 percent of the market

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