Real Estate Leads Drying Up? Read This…

real estate seoEvery business needs cash-flow. Without cash-flow a business will die.

Your cash-flow will come from two sources – buying houses from desperate sellers and selling the rehabs on to investors.

But…what happens when you run out of leads?

I am sure you have already noticed but we do all of our research online nowadays. My wife checks everything from buying a book to booking overseas holidays – on Google!

So your first prospects, those desperate house sellers, will obviously do the same.

Put yourself in their position for a moment:

You just got the dreaded redundancy notice from work. You are up to your eyeballs in debt and the only way out is to sell your house quickly and rent somewhere until you find a new job and get your finances in order.

Not a nice position to be in but someone needs to help them.

The first thing our prospect does is go to Google and type in “need to sell my house fast”. He will then click on the first few links that come up from the search. He is not concerned with trawling the first 10 pages in Google to find YOUR website…no, he doesn’t have time nor patience for that! He will click on the FIRST website that offers him a solution and guess what….

….if that’s not lose the deal.

And yes, those big, national realty names are going to get the business BEFORE you (even though they will do a terrible job at helping these poor souls)…

…BUT WHY? Why will the big dogs get the bone??

Simple….because their website was the FIRST ONE on Google.

Look , the key word “need to sell my house fast” gets 390 searches a month. That’s 390 people looking for the exact same service YOU offer…

Did you get 390 new leads this month…or even this year?

NO, I didn’t think so….but why not?

Because your website is sitting pretty on page 4 of Google….and NOT ONE of those 390 people know you exist.

If this continues then your competition will keep taking more market share and eventually you will have to survive on the walk-ins.

What will that mean to you and your business?

Some of the biggest names failed to react to the online revolution for sales – HMV, Woolworths to name just two and look what happened to them.

The only way you can be seen is by working with us to get your website rocking that top spot. In fact, we work with real estate business owners all over the US and provide them with regular leads from our online strategies.

In simple terms we place your business on the top spot in Google which funnels new clients into your wallet.

We can help you to get your website to the top for this search and many others so that you never need to worry again.

Click the link below which will take you to our ‘Discovery Form‘ on our Pearlydean Marketing website:

Real Estate SEO – Help Me Get More Leads!



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