SEO Tips For 2017 – #1 – Mobile Friendly

You probably already know that a huge proportion of Google searches (68%) are now conducted via mobile devices so it makes sense to have your site as mobile friendly as possible.

Here is a tool to test if your website is up to scratch:

Google Test  – Mobile Friendly

Simply enter your website URL and press enter.

If you don’t get this result then you need to take action to fix it before your competitors steal a jump on you in the search results!

google mobile test amp pagesGoogle has taken this a step further – they have introduced what they call AMP pages – Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google is trying to help out here by providing AMP pages which are a lighter, faster version of your own web pages.

These rank quickly in mobile and are even starting to show up in the organic desktop results.

…..but more about AMP next time!

As always, if you need any help – give us a shout!


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